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My research focuses on experimental fluid mechanics, turbomachinery, computational fluid dynamic, fluid structure interactions, fatigue damage to hydro turbines, vibration, resonance, energy flexibility, sustainability, and energy transition. The research group aims to develop the next-generation of hydropower technology with robust turbine design and operational flexibility. Academic teaching responsibility involves subjects of mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics, turbomachinery, experimental techniques, etc.

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Gabriele Gaiti conducts research on the topic of fluid structure interactions in radial blade cascade. He uses both experimental numerical methods.

Experimental study focuses on investigating the trailing edge vortex and resonance. A radial blade cascade is designed and manufactured in the laboratory. Gabriele Gaiti will conduct measurements of PIV, strain and pressure.

Gabriele Gaiti will also conduct numerical simulations of two-way fluid structure interactions and validate the numerical model with the experimental data and further develop the numerical model for accurate investigations of hydrodynamic damping.

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Gabriele Gaiti

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FC Eitzen conducts research on Francis turbine during start-stop operation. The focus is to implement dynamic mesh for large eddy simulations and investigate the vortex.

FC Eitzen

MSc student (2022)

FC Eitzen conducts research on a penstock. The objective is to minimize the sediment transport to the turbine and improve the efficiency of the sand trap.

FJ Daving

MSc student (2022)

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MD Johnsen investigate the turbulent flow in a square cross-section for benchmark study in the laboratory. The square cross-section is prepared for benchmark PIV measurements.

MD Johnsen

MSc student (2022)

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R Jeyakaran investigates fluid structure interactions in radial blade cascade and creates test case for the experimental investigations and understand the damping characteristics.

R Jeyakaran

MSc student (2022)

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VV Olsvold investigates the air driven ejector for ballast pump. The focus is numerical study of the ejector and improve the performance. The research collaborates with Framo Fusa AS.

VV Olsvold

MSc student (2022)

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